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Betty Beauty Black

Betty Beauty Black is one of the more popular colours in our range of dyes, and allows you to cover greys stylishly and naturally. As with all other Betty Products, Betty Black is also formulated for use on face or chest hair, so guys can also get in on the action.

Match the beautiful colours of your head hair with a jet black betty underneath, or use it to cover those unsightly grey hairs. Be a panther, not a silver fox!

Betty Black is incredibly easy to use, and comes complete with a set of practical instructions. Betty products contain organic ingredients such as Elderflower and Aloe, and are designed to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Each kit allows you to dye your down below hair around twice, sometimes more depending on the amount of dye used. Betty do not endorse or participate in animal testing with any of the products available on this site.

When we first launched the betty™ colors, we didn’t realize how many men would be interested in using it. Turns out that men love betty™ to ‘manscape’- dye their hair down there! Our male customers told us they had no product to use to cover gray, tried current mens‘ hair color products for ‘color manscaping’- but it left them severely irritated and burned.

"I was always embarrassed when I was first getting intimate. The women were surprised at how gray I really was. This product is a must for men, too." -Ted, 36, NY
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