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Betty Beauty Sunburst (Orange)

Transform your downstairs hair into a ball of sunlight that will truly brighten up a birthday or other special occasion! You might need sunglasses when confronted with the radiance of Betty Sunburst Orange, such is the force of its luminous qualities. Remember to purchase a conventional Betty colour to whisk the cloud back over the sun, there's only so much heat we humans can take.

We're sure you'll have a lot of fun with your Betty Sunburst dye, and we're also sure you'll be safe. That's because Betty products are ammonia free, and produced using plenty of organic and natural ingredients to keep skin irritations at bay. Betty Products are not tested on animals, either.

You'll get around two or more uses out of each packet of Betty Sunburst, which should be plenty - we dont want your partner getting sunburn now, do we?
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