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Betty Beauty Lucky (Green)

Your luck is in, guys - time to celebrate with a pot of Lucky Betty Green. Turn your hair down there into a Christmas tree in time for the festive season with the free stencils, and combine Lucky with Love for full effect. Trim your hedge into the shape of a four leaf clover to let your loved one know how lucky they are!

Betty Lucky Green is a great novelty gift for shocking loved ones or showing off to your mates on a night out. Once the festivities are over, purchase a Betty Brown, Black, Blond or Auburn and return to your natural colour. Unless your natural hair colour is bright green, of course.

Betty Green is drip free, ammonia free and hassle free. It's incredibly simple and safe to use, and just like all of our products it's free from animal testing.

Feeling lucky, punk? Then go green with Betty Lucky Green!

Pack comes with a Four Leaf Clover stencil. 
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