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Betty Beauty Brown

Attention Brunettes! Betty Brown is here at last, to help cover up those unsightly pubic greys, or just help you go a few shades darker where it really counts. Swagger around town in confidence, knowing your gorgeous head of hair is replicated down below!

Take away your frown and go brown with Betty Brown - the best way to return your pubic, chest or facial hair to it's original, dusky brown shade.

You might be worrying about the sensitivity of your nether regions, and how they will react to the dyeing process. The good news is is that Betty Brown and all other products available on the our site are 100% safe to use. In fact, they are specially formulated for use down below, contain no ammonia and are not tested on animals.

Each pack contains enough dye for around 2-3 uses, so what are you waiting for? Take away your frown with Betty Brown!

When we first launched the betty™ colors, we didn’t realize how many men would be interested in using it. Turns out that men love betty™ to ‘manscape’- dye their hair down there! Our male customers told us they had no product to use to cover gray, tried current mens‘ hair color products for ‘color manscaping’- but it left them severely irritated and burned.

"I used to use ‘Just for Men’ beard and mustache color. It’s very irritating. Brown betty color is easier and gentler to use--great gray coverage"-Dan, 41, PA
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