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Betty Beauty Auburn

Inject a bit of flame to your hair down there and scorch those greys out of existence! Betty Auburn is the best way to create a natural red aura down below, but the product can also be used to reignite roots or on facial or chest hair - it's suitable for guys as well as girls.

Betty Auburn is a popular choice with the nation's redheads, and can help to further radiate that gorgeous head of hair - and replicate it down there!

Betty products are not tested on animals and are perfectly safe for use on your delicate areas. In fact, Betty Auburn and all our other products are created using several organic and natural ingredients. We keep chemical content to a mininum, ensuring your personal safety and reducing the risk of skin problems.

Each pot of Betty contains enough dye for around two uses, maybe more depending on the amount of dye required. Betty products are incredibly easy to use, and come complete with a set of practical instructions.

Ignite those greys and transport that auburn hair to a new realm!
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